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Technology Offers

swiTT is continually updating its new technologies from Swiss universities and other institutes of higher education.The technologies presented can form the basis of new product development in co-operation with business partners. A brief technical description and contact information is provided for each invention and technology. Search for technologies that are interesting for you in swiTT's data base.

You also have the option to activate a "Technology Alert" which will inform you as soon as technologies in your requested categories are uploaded.

08.07.2024 - University of Bern
ORACLE: Quantify non-invasively five relevant biomarkers from MRI!
08.07.2024 - ETH Zürich
Fault ride-through and current limiting control of grid forming inverters under grid faults
07.06.2024 - University of Zürich
Device for high-throughput studies of polymicrobial interactions
07.06.2024 - University of Zürich
Individually configurable well-plate for interaction studies
31.05.2024 - ETH Zürich
Depolymerization of vinyl polymers for the recycling of plastic waste
15.05.2024 - ETH Zürich
Self-​healing, 3D printable silicone formulation
30.04.2024 - University of Fribourg
Meso-dimercapto succinic acid as an inhibitor of carbapenemases
22.04.2024 - University of Bern
Effective local treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
09.04.2024 - ETH Zürich
Lipid nanoparticles as harmless pathogen proxies for monitoring surface and hand disinfection
26.03.2024 - Empa
Manufacturing of Specialty Polymer Fibers
06.03.2024 - Fondazione per l’Istituto Oncologico di Ricerca (IOR)
Targeting OR13A1 in the treatment of Lymphomas
12.02.2024 - Empa
Efficient methanation process
07.02.2024 - University Hospital Bern
AI-Enhanced CT-Free PET Imaging
02.02.2024 - University of Lausanne
Inhibiting nucleotide catabolism, including in oncology
15.12.2023 - University of Zürich
Brainbox - brain storage container in pathology
01.12.2023 - University of Bern
Geometric Ultrasound Localization for Super-Resolution Medical Imaging
15.11.2023 - University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland
PHA-based biofuels for sustainable mobility
31.10.2023 - University of Bern
Brain-inspired low-energy processors for edge computing
23.10.2023 - University of Lausanne
Enhancing Pneumococcal Vaccines
17.10.2023 - University of Bern
Eyedrop composition for dry eye disease
16.10.2023 - ETH Zürich
Fibre-​reinforced absorbable bone cement for load-​bearing orthopedic applications
15.09.2023 - University of Basel
Drug delivery with nano plasma membrane vesicles
04.09.2023 - ETH Zürich
Synthetic hydrogel matrix for collagen imaging on chip
01.09.2023 - University of Fribourg
Precision monitoring of autophagy via a targeted proteomic approach
25.08.2023 - University Hospital Lausanne
Personalized Prediction of Adverse Side-effects of Drugs and Vaccines
25.08.2023 - University of Lausanne
Internalization Booster for Radiolabels to Image and Treat Neuroendocrine Tumors
25.08.2023 - University Hospital Lausanne
Hybrid Tracer for Imaging and Surgical Guidance of Prostate Cancer
25.08.2023 - University Hospital Lausanne
Anti-aggregation Device
25.08.2023 - University of Lausanne
Therapeutic Target for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
15.08.2023 - University of Zürich
Blinkognition - A novel method for single-molecule protein identification