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About swiTT


The Swiss Technology Transfer Association is the association of technology transfer professionals who are active in the transfer of technology from institutes of public research and education, university hospitals, and other not-for-profit research organizations to the private sector. It was founded in October 2003 and has grown to include a wide number of members from all of Switzerland.

swiTT Services

The swiTT association provides a platform for exchanges of experiences and propositions  for best practices in technology transfer.

Its members promote the advancement of the field of technology transfer through professional development in selected topics. Other member services include regular newsletters and the shared purchase and access of professional data bases.

swiTT maintains a database (swittlist) of technology and licensing opportunities from public research and education institutions.



  • Facilitates and strengthens the co-operation and the technology transfer between Swiss public research institutions and the private sector; (COOPERATION)
  • Offers professional development for its members and other practitioners involved in technology transfer within the public institutions and the private sector; (DEVELOPMENT)
  • Provides services of common interest to its members, their institutions and other stakeholders involved; (SERVICES )
  • Maintains an active dialogue with the research institutions, the private sector and the authorities to foster optimal processes and regulatory framework/regulations. (DIALOGUE)