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Online swiTT Academy - Workshop on Patenting AI

Target audience

Professionals working at universities or in companies who are responsible for evaluating Invention Disclosures and according working steps.

Workshop Goals

This workshop will address the following questions and topics:

  • What is an invention, examples, stories, invention vs discovery, basic elements of patentability
  • Key criteria which are essential in evaluating an invention and how to proceed, relations with inventors
  • How to acquire further useful information
  • Exchange experiences and good practices among participants and moderators

Date, Location and General Information

Date:             Tuesday, December 1st 2020
Duration:       2 pm to 5 pm
Location:       Virtual - Link will be sent prior to event
Language:     English
Cost:             CHF 50 for members / CHF 100 for non-members
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, November 20, 2020


Bastian Best is a European and German patent attorney working in the Munich office of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG, one of the most successful IP firms in Europe. Having worked as a software developer for several years, he nowadays prosecutes, litigates and defends patents for software and computer-related inventions. His special interest lies in the patentability issues involved in artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cryptography and the Internet of Things. The co-author of the chapter on Germany in “Software Patents Worldwide”, Bastian is always up-to-date on drafting software patent claims that are valid and enforceable in Germany and beyond. He is a regular speaker on patents for emerging technologies at IP conferences around the world.

Natalia Giovannini is technology transfer manager at EPFL and member of the board of swiTT. Natalia has a molecular biology background and has participated in various research programs between 1994 and 2002 in the fields of transcription regulation, biology of the development and metabolism. Her post-doctoral research was financed by a big Swiss pharmaceutical company. Natalia is active in licensing technologies at EPFL (EPFL – TTO) mainly in the life science field since 2002. She is member of the Board of swiTT since 2008.



Please fill in, latest November 20th, 2020, the registration form below.

Upon receipt of the registration, you will receive a confirmation with an invoice at the email you indicated.